Most of the people thought as gray hair is a sign of their badge to growing older gracefully. There are a different type of gray can be affected by the person depending on their age. Take care of gray hair some may have the look of salt and pepper resulted in hair and some may have the look of full gray as Cruella Deville.

Does age is the reason for gray hair?

The age is no reason for the getting gray.

The hair gray turns will get vary by a person to person and also the genetic reason is also the reason for the premature gray on the hair. A person will get their first gray at the age of twenties and they grew up till their old age. For some people, their gray will starts at the age of fifties. The average age of the graying of a person is starting around 30-35 years.

How gray hair causes?

The main reason for the graying hair is genes from the grandparents else from parents, as by the way of their hair while getting gray. From the research, smoking may cause gray hair. Stress contributes to getting gray but it doesn’t affect the root to cause hair fall. There is no scientific evidence to claim back the failed hair by the pigmented problem and Telogen Effluvium.

deal with going gray

How to deal with going gray?

From the research result, the best options are listed from the scientist to deal with the myths about gray hair. Deal with going gray hair by the options and treat the gray hair by the advice from the dermatologist.

  • The way of plucking one gray will not result in the growth of the multiple gray hairs.
  • Avoid using the tweezers to pluck the gray hair it may damage the follicle.
  • Teenagers can’t get the gray hair by the stress, is a natural gift from their parents and their grandparents although their lifestyle habits.
  • From the research graying is relate to age for some people and it doesn’t applicable for some people who have premature gray.
  • Hair follicle causes less in melanin and the pigment will get off from the hair and cause hair loss.

Avoid to dye your gray hair by the hair colors and it excuses to scare off to get the gray hair at the teenager. These are may be simple ways to prevent premature graying.